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Grohe Sense & Sense Guard: Before a drip becomes a flood

Grohe wants consumers to enjoy water safely and securely. That is why the company clearly invests in intelligent technology, and presents an innovative water security system. Grohe Sense and Grohe Sense Guard are the latest Grohe solutions for the Smart Home. Because of their Wireless-LAN connection, the customer can leave the house without disconnecting completely from it.

Grohe Sense is an intelligent sensor that is easily installed on the floor. When water touches the base of the sensor, Grohe Sense gives an alert through the app Grohe Ondus. It also emits a beep and turns on a flashing red light. In addition, it can also track room temperature and humidity. In the central water pipe of the house you will find Grohe Sense Guard. This intelligent water controller detects frost risk, dripping on faucets and pipes and the breakage of them, and on top of that, controls the consumption of water. When Grohe Sense Guard detects a pipe burst, it cuts off the supply automatically to reduce damage.

The combination of Grohe Sense and Grohe Sense Guard makes the security system complete. Enjoy total comfort and safety with Grohe thanks to its ‘smart’ technology.