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GROHE Silkmove ES and GROHE Ecojoy, for more sustainable water consumption in the bathroom

Energy prices have risen and resource-conscious consumption has never been more important. Taking a closer look at our daily energy demands is the path to change, not only in terms of our own spending, but also in meeting climate and environmental goals. How can personal consumption of electricity, gas and water be reduced? The first thing that comes to mind are easy solutions like turning off and unplugging different devices instead of leaving them on stand-by. However, hidden possibilities can also be found in our bathroom and kitchen. For example, a well-chosen faucet can be a relief for the pocket and also for the environment. GROHE, a leading German firm in sanitary equipment and quality taps, has been betting for years on products that take sustainability into account in the health sector.


Considering that buildings and construction make up almost 40% of global carbon emissions, technologies such as GROHE's SilkMove ES can have an immediate impact on a building's resource efficiency. This system reduces energy needs by starting with cold water in the middle position of the faucet, thus avoiding unnecessary use of hot water. In addition, the combined flow limiter reduces water consumption by up to 50%. This sustainable technology makes a difference in costs: for an apartment building with 1,000 units, you can save more than 27,000 euros per year. This intelligent function is integrated into numerous product lines such as GROHE Eurosmart for bathroom and kitchen.


You will reduce water consumption by up to 50% thanks to its flow limiter. With it you will be able to consume just over 5 liters per minute, instead of 10. Also, its aerator provides the same experience offered by a normal faucet. With this intelligent technology from GROHE, maximum comfort is not at odds with savings.