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Babymedi by Mediclinics: A new baby changing station that does not take up space and also eliminates viruses and bacteria.

A few months ago Mediclinics, one of the leading manufacturers of hand dryers and bathroom accessories for collectivities, launched on the market a baby changing station incorporating an innovative system that eliminates germs that infect or may cause infection to babies: an ionizer. Now, Mediclinics takes another step in quality, with the addition of a Kit to recess the BabyMedi diaper changer into the Wall. This  kit allows you to recess the baby changer completely into the wall once it is closed, not occupying unnecessary space and allowing, in this way, to create more optimized spaces, clear and obstacle-free.

This, together with its great possibility of combining finishes between the recessed kit (the kit is available in matt black and stainless steel) and the baby changing station (white, black and stainless steel) give it an excellent aesthetic level and integration into the bathroom space. The Babymedi diaper changer by Mediclinics offers design, strength and hygiene.

For more information click www.mediclinics.com