11 associations of the building materials and associated industries join forces to demand the opening of stores selling ceramic tiles and building materials

The sector claims the same treatment that car dealers and car assistance offices have been granted

The major employers´ organizations in Spain of the sector of ceramic tiles, building materials and supplies have joined forces to make a joint statement on their concerns about the measure that precludes the opening of stores and retailers, related to the commercialization of the materials of the sector they represent.

In the letter sent to Spanish Ministers Illa and Maroto, the major employer organizations and business groups related to building materials denounced that during phase 0 and phase 1 of the de-escalation it will not be permitted to open store surface larger than 400 m2. Specialized sales centres and showrooms of the sector occupy an average surface of 800 mand the measure implicates that none of the points of sale could open to the general public in the captioned phases.

For all of the sectors, the measure is meaningless because the stores comply with the necessary labour conditions, health protection measures, hygiene and sanitary conditions for both employees and citizens.

All of the sectors were astonished by the ministerial decree from last Saturday, that allowed the opening of car dealer showrooms that generally use similar sized or even larger selling spaces, moreover with a higher occupation ratio compared to showrooms for ceramic tiles and building equipment, and that additionally are more difficult to sanitize in comparison. 

The Spanish associations that have subscribed the letter are -ANDIMAC, ANFAPA, ANFFECC, ASCER, ASEBAN, ASEBEC, CEPCO, COFEARFE, FEBAN, HISPALYT and PROALSO- on behalf of - and representing the unanimity of- all of its associates, and they demand effective interventions, adapted to the business reality and market situation.