Geberit offers the ideal solution for public bathrooms with 'contactless' tapeare and concealed cistern options

The Swiss firm proposes a number of solutions to guarantee hygiene and security within the present sanitary crisis

Now more than ever, public buildings that suffer high traffic and heavy duty areas should take special care in meeting particular demands. For this reason, Geberit proposes solutions that include, amongst other products, contactless tapware and concealed cistern flushing. 

In the present sanitary crisis, the Swiss firm deliberately opts for a “contactless bathroom” concept, that includes practical and hygienical solutions for bathrooms spaces with high foot fall or heavy duty environments. The firm´s proposal includes items such as the Sigma10 and Sigma80 flushing plates that activate an automated water discharge to flush the WC pan. 

It concerns a highly reliable contactless system that activates when the user moves away or reaches out to the integrated infrared sensor device. This product is also available for the Geberit urinal models Preda and Selva. Other technological solutions such as the smart taps Geberit Piave or Geberit Brenta are also automatically activated, when it detects the presence of the user, moreover generate their proper energy source and stand out for their stunning design features, easy cleaning and maintenance, endurance and lower water consumption with energy savings. The same energy savings can be obtained with various other bathroom solutions offered by Geberit, like the wall mounted WC pans and furniture and the range of Rimfree WC pans, the latter have no rim inside the pan, avoiding as such the growth and potential hazard of germs and waste, to guarantee access for simple and easy cleaning.