Nofer offers 100% 'contactless'

A new range of Displays with electronic dispensers of hydro-alcoholic hand sanitizing gel

The Spanish brand Nofer launches a comprehensive range of Displays for dispensers of hydro-alcoholic hand sanitizing gel, that are compatible with its existing models of automatic and manual dispensers. The specialized brand totals 4 different Display types that can be integrated into any space, and are fit for high foot fall and heavy duty areas. There are 3 floor standing models, with carrying structures and adaptable to the ranges of dispensers of the brands product portfolio, both for automated and manual models. Additionallythere is also a wall mounted version, that is anchored to the wall and equipped with a drip tray.

The displays are completed with the range of automated dispensers of hydro-alcoholic hand sanitizing gel and paper dispensers, including the exclusive EVO series, designed by the prestigious designer studio Alegre Design, but also offer low cost series, that fit into any kind of bathroom environment. 

Nofer also supplies sanitizing gels (gel with over 70% alcohol base and available in the formats of 5000, 1000 and 200 ml). In addition to the comprehensive range of automated dispensers, Nofer completes its unique product offer with “contactless” taps that are activated by motion sensors, like the Airtap model or the awarded Concept3 series, and automated hand dryers and paper towel dispensers.