The Presto Iberica Group reveals its new range of antibacterial taps

Due to the HealthCover® technology, desinfection is ensured and will avoid bacterial growth

Grupo Presto Iberica has revealed its new line of antibacterial taps, that are unique in the market, due to the HealthCover® technology that assures disinfection and avoids the growth of bacteria. In the current times it is necessary to take the maximum of precautions in order to avoid the spread of new bacteria, that could seriously affect health security, and precisely product proposals like these from Presto Iberica bring an important added value to the society.

The new product range Presto-HealthCover® increases the health environment providing an antibacterial system, and is applied in the mono mixer range from the Galindo brand, the self closing taps and sensor taps from the Presto brand, and the grab bar collections from PrestoEquip.