Andimac launches the new "Home Improvement Guide" to use during the confinement period and improve the living standards in our homes

The association draws attention to the fact that during these weeks our housing could reveal some shortcomings

The National Association of Distributors of Ceramics and Building Materials (Andimac in its Spanish acronym) has launched a new edition of its “Home Improvement Guide”. By means of this manual, Spanish consumers can use the confinement period to detect the most common shortcomings of their homes and become aware that their standards of living can be noticeably improved. 

The guide will assist the reader in discovering easy renovation works that can improve considerably the living conditions inside our homes and the shortcomings related to thermal comfort, sound insulation and lighting performance; accessibility and home security; health and well-being; energy savings and redesigning living spaces. The new edition is part of a strategy of the association to reinforce the commitment of the sector to go online.