A stunning luxury bathroom setting at docontractMAD inspired by the Finion bath tub from Villeroy & Boch

The new showroom, located at the exclusive area of barrio de Salamanca in Madrid, leaves nobody indifferent

The eye catching showroom – docontractMAD, located at the exclusive area of barrio de Salamanca in Madrid leaves nobody indifferent. The showroom project, designed by Mar Vera, interior designer at the Welcome Design studio, features more than 6 settings that naturally converge in one another. Be that as it may, one of the designed spaces, the luxury bathroom, situated almost at the back of the XX century style manor building, has been acclaimed as the absolute highlight by the showroom visitors.

Designer Mar Vera explains that this bathroom setting represents an essential part of a luxury bungalow design concept with tropical cues and incorporating the recurrent geometrical forms as a main feature through all the showroom settings. The colour palette ranges from neutral nuances such as grey, nude and black to warmer shades and pink tones, that generate a splendid contrast allowing the bathroom elements to stand out even more.

Further, in accordance to the resin flooring with black river stone patterns, a separator was designed, framed in black with large glass screens and volumes, and contoured with a black coloured profile that embraces the iconic Finion bath tub from Villeroy & Boch, the show piece of the stunning setting that welcomes and catches the visitors´ attention. The free standing bath tub, the decorative illumination feature and all the other integrated elements of the collection, such as the basins and sanitary ware, each one of them exudes an incredible sense of relaxation and meditation.