STH University is the new training program of STH

The firm develops internal training programs and collaborates with associations, online platforms and magazines to reinforce knowledge about its products and the sector

Now more than ever, Spanish brand STH started developing new internal training programs, as well as collaborating more closely with Associations, associated platforms and media from the industry, to get more closer to its customers (installers, distributors, specifiers, etc…) in order to assist them in their professional growth and reinforce their knowledge about the products and the industry as a whole. 

The training programs will be organized online, in this way, all education, learning and development can be reproduced at any moment, at any time and at any place from any internet enabled device.

STH has also updated their website, in particular with the training program section, where the different sessions can be viewed; in addition, the sessions will be posted at the company´s blog adapted to article format, so that the registration and access can happen directly from there.