A new brand is born, Amizuva from the Royo Group (RGIB)

A 100% digital brand that can only be found at Spanish online stores and marketplaces

Amizuva is born, the new bathroom furniture brand which is 100% digital and will become part of the RGIB universe, the Spanish based group, that already includes other brands such as Royo or Fiora. The new brand can be found at the best online stores and marketplaces, but only in Spain – for the moment at least.

The meaning of Amizuva is Water from Valencia. It comes from Mizu – water in Japanese language and VA (that stands for Valencia). Although based in Valencia, they love the Japanese culture and that becomes visible in the design language applied in the bathroom furniture. In terms of style, there is a blend of the Mediterranean way of interpreting European design and the Japanese philosophy. The result is a peaceful, calm, yet very practical furniture, that has been designed to fit smaller bathroom spaces, with a timeless aesthetic appeal. Moreover, it concerns a product that is entirely produced in Spain.