The Spanish firm Lasser presents its new Alba shower enclosures

Designed for ceiling installation, allowing led light feature into the profile

Spanish brand Lasser introduces its new Alba series for shower enclosures. The range stands out for the great ability to easily adapt to any kind of shower tray and it provides the unique feature of a fade and relaxing lighting to the bathroom environment. With a built-in profile for ceiling installation, manufactured in extruded aluminium, the Alba series features the installation of a discreet led lighting. A tempered glass shower screen with 10mm thickness, installed from floor to ceiling, provides a solid and hermetic shield to the shower enclosure structure. 

The specially engineered design of the Alba series offers many possibilities, solutions and styles for our shower area. Moreover, the availability of a vast range of shower glasses to choose from, for full customer customization includes, but is not limited to: transparent and tinted options; clear tempered glass; specialized and customized finishes; an offer of silk-screen designs; TopKlar glass, super clear glass; and TopColor glass. Each of these options, come with an exclusive treatment of anti-limestone seal and Aquanet anti-stain. Furthermore, Lasser keeps innovating, but without losing the exquisiteness of design and the first class quality for the choice of the raw materials and components, selected in accordance with the nature of the project and the customer requirements.