Schlüter-Systems will surprise in Cersaie with new product launches

New shower drain systems, profiles and waterproofing sets for bathtubs and shower trays

Schlüter-Systems will participate this year in the Bologna based Cersaie exhibition, with the presentation of its new stunning designs featuring remarkable technical new developments. Among the most remarkable new product releases, a striking designer series will be presented for the shower drain of the Schlüter-KERDI-LINE and Schlüter-KERDI-DRAIN drainage systems, an ideal solution for building the shower floors at flush floor level. Furthermore, a practical accessory is the new Schlüter-KERDI-TS set for the safe waterproofing of both bathtubs and shower trays, containing all the necessary components for being easily connected to the KERDI waterproofing system. 

The creation of safe and elegant exterior corner features, added to the use of minimal thickness wall coatings, vitreous mosaics or micro-cement finishes is often a millimetre precise work, that needs perfect engineering and professional installation. Looking at the market, there are almost no suitable shower profiles for this application. For this reason, Schlüter-Systems has developed the new Schlüter-FINEC profile concept. The front side of this stainless steel or anodized aluminium profile forms a 45° angle creating, thus, an elegant and narrow, but at the same time natural formation of the corner pieces. At the same time, the profile protects the edges and finishes from potential mechanical damage. 

The perfect complement for the TRENDLINE corner pieces is the new Schlüter-DILEX-AHK-TS shower profile concept. The new attractive Scotland profiles will become available soon in attractive ivory, stone grey and dark anthracite colour finishes, with an elegant textured feel. The entire profile series can be used for interior corners between walls and countertops, and their natural colours perfectly match the current ceramic trends.