SFA Sanitrit presents SANIWALL Pro UP

The ideal solution for to create a complete and stylish bathroom with wall hung toilets

The new UP version of the versatile SANIWALL Pro system, offered by SFA Sanitrit, the leading European manufacturer of waste macerators and water pumps, comes now delivered with a carrier frame from German manufacturer Grohe and two decorative panels made of white glass. This updated edition, not only offers an additional guarantee label in terms of quality, but also an enormous range of advantages, for both for the professional installer and the end user. The Grohe carrier frame allows a personalized height setting of the wall hung toilet, according to the user's personal preferences, needs and requirements, it supports up to 400 kg of weight, and moreover, the delivered fixings are suitable for installation of all models of wall hung pans that are available on the market.

Another important advantage of the SFA Sanitrit adjustable frame and macerator set, is the fact it can be installed and used in all kind of building applications, including, but not limited to, apartment buildings, single-family homes, and commercial buildings, to setup the internals of a complete room. This is due to the unique product characteristic of a three-way component, admitting at the one hand the coarse waters of a toilet system, but also the grey waters of shower and basin drainage. Additionally, the product boosts an excellent performance rate with an evacuation of up to five meters in vertical and 100 meters in horizontal (with a slope of 1%) state. The macerating cycle takes up no longer than five to ten seconds, depending on the amount of water to be treated in that moment. Furthermore, the system is equipped with a cistern of double flush feature, for three or six litres discharges with each use.

The two glass panels, delivered in opaque white colour, with the SANIWALL Pro UP product reference, guarantee an elegant finish and are perfectly combinable with the running decoration trends for bathrooms. In addition to avoiding all kind of tiling work, the glass panels fulfil the function of an access panel, when carrying out maintenance work. Last but not least, the complete system is hidden and built-in inside the walls, for easy cleaning, maintenance and hygiene.