The Teknoclean anti-limestone treatment from Profiltek now for free as seen on television

Following on last year's successful campaign, the Spanish leader for shower screens goes for another national Spanish television advertising campaign

Profiltek, the well-established and prestigious brand for shower screens, confirms its already successful commitment to television broadcasting campaigns, to further promote the company´s products and strong brand presence. The first media campaign for brand building was launched back in the year 2016, resulting in magnificent sales results that exceeded largely all initial expectations set by the company.

This latest campaign has been designed with the firm purpose to confirm the brand´s leading position and number one status, towards the end consumer market. For this commitment, the national Spanish broadcasting chains of major audience and viewer shares, TeleCinco and Antena3, have been included into the new program. All viewers that purchase a Profiltek product during the term of the campaign and by only entering the promotional voucher access code, will receive the Teknoclean anti-limescale treatment free of charge.

The Teknoclean treatment is an intelligent innovative application based in nanotechnology, guaranteeing an excellent maintenance of shower screens, for an approximate full period of eight years. It will protect shower glass screen from limestone forming cause by remaining water drops, and will moreover improve easy cleaning and maintenance of the same. The national television campaign has already started and will continue until the 20th of the running month of October. However, the announced promotional codes will remain valid until December 31st of the current year 2017.  All television viewers that are interested in joining this unique promotion, only required only to complete their personal details on the website www.profiltek.com/promotv or dial 960 038 039 from Spain. From here they will obtain the promo access code, and can enjoy the benefits of the free of charge Teknoclean treatment. The voucher will be activated when confirming your purchase of a Profiltek shower screen.