Pressalit Care: The importance of accessibility in the hospitality sector

Pressalit Care offers a wide array of solutions that perfectly adapt to the needs of people with physical restrictions

Pressalit Care offers highly attractive yet exceedingly practical solutions that serve both for private bathrooms and hotel accommodations. The Danish leading company specifies bathroom design solutions that will adapt to the specific preferences of each individual user. Your accessible bathroom should be a place where one can be himself as much as possible and meet your needs to make your life easier, while also matching your style and requirements. In essence, this will determine whether a customer with with physical limitations will enjoy a pleasant stay or not.

As a matter of fact, the most heard comments, from both end-users and hotel owners, could be summarized in the following statement: “We are keen on discovering solutions that would not stigmatize the appearance of bathrooms for people with mobility disabilities, and offer high user flexibility containing yet a smart and stylish look”. As a result of the aging of the population, resulting in a significant increase of hotel guests with physical disabilities or limitations, it is important to consider their needs for adaption in the private bathrooms, so they can enjoy – and more importantly rely on, to meet their specific needs, in the same way you would satisfy customer requirements on the restaurant menu. Pressalit Care have more than 30 years of experience in creating better and flexible environments in kitchen and bathrooms for users with functional incapacities, and longer term solutions for those who need to invest. Ingenious solutions involving the latest technology and design concepts are distributed in Spain by Aquacontrol. For your nearest dealer in other countries, please check the www.pressalit.com website.