Keraben group, a stunning mise-en-scene

The Group is a benchmark for design and production of ceramic elements

Under the slogan "Welcome to Valencia", the Keraben Group prepared an amazing mise-en-scene, offering a very warm welcome to all its visitors at the International Cevisama Exhibition. Each of the Keraben Group´s brands for ceramic tiles (Keraben, Metropol, and Casa Infinita) was represented and linked to a district of the town of Valencia, transmitting the characteristics, essence and typical sceneries of each neighbourhood with their materials.

The Keraben brand, for example, presented five collections based on the reinterpretation of encaustic cement tiles (Remake), the fusion of different stone typologies (Mixit), ceramic tiles with relief (Frame) and tile finishes inspired on metal surface oxidation effects (Elven)... Then, the Metropol brand takes us directly on a journey to the 3D era with its Stage collection, to organic inspired influences and patterns with the Arame collection, and to the world of different textures and volumes with the Inspired series. Finally, Casa Infinita showcased the InTime collection, characterized by an industrial-look inspired background motif, softened with a touch of minimalist aesthetics.