Cas Ceramica offers a unique product, highly exclusive and very difficult to craft, the artisanal tile art, handmade

Modern collections with multiple designs patterns for infinite combinations

Cas ceramica has now also consolidated its position of leading company in the field of decorative ceramics on a worldwide level. The brand proposes to architects, interior decorators and designers a unique and exclusive tile product. The excellence of Cas Ceramica wide-ranging product offer is not only due to its superior quality level, outstanding performance grade, and ease of installation, but moreover because of its distinctive design patterns. Showing great respect for the more traditional approach to installations, the firm distinguishes itself from other brands on the market, by deliberately choosing for modern collections such as the New Mix series. The New Mix collection stands for multiple design patterns to allow infinite combinations.

At the past edition of the Cevisama Exhibition in Valencia, Cas Ceramica has also presented, an innovative series in collaboration with the renowned graphic designer David Carson. A revolutionary concept that bears the author´s name, being his first assignment ever in the ceramics sector. The new range has been created with the ambition to provoke emotions, decorate, imagine and live. A total of four series that reflect different parts of the personality and the style of the author´s life: the Caribbean range, because it is Mr Carson´s living place and evokes creativity; the Eight, collection named after David Carson´s favourite number; Graphic, that calls to mind the world of graphic design, and the times that David occupied the position of artistic director of various magazines, besides his great passion for surfing; and finally Relax, probably the most personal and intimate proposal, a combination of feelings and quotes, that had an important meaning in the life of David Carson.