Inalco presents the new ITOPKer porcelain slabs for countertops, a high performance innovative material

The original collection combines the highest technology with creativity and design

The Spanish firm Inalco has presented at the latest International Cevisama Exhibition, within the Espacio Cocina-SICI 2017 event, the new range of porcelain slabs ITOPKer. The porcelain based product shows a thickness of 12 mm and reaches the large format of 1500 by 3200mm for countertops in a high performance innovative material. iTOPKer is the result of a new manufacturing process combining the latest technology in production of ceramics with creativity and design. The firm has presented to a numerous audience at the show, the more than 40 available finishes within the series, all inspired on various elements found in nature. 

Inalco presented a fully integrated concept of home decoration at its booth, featuring a variety of kitchen furniture units by Dica, combined with iTOPKer slabs for countertops. Dica is a leading Spanish company in the manufacturing of kitchen furniture.