The new Geberit logistics center comes into operation

The leading Swiss firm invests around 40 million of Euros

The Swiss Geberit Group has increased the capacity of its logistics centre in the city of Pfullendorf, located in the South of Germany, by investing around 40 million of euros in the expansion of the logistic areas for storage, order preparations and shipments.

By means of this new investment, the Geberit Group improves its current logistic system, in particular by optimizing the efficiency and safety factors of its operations. The firm confirms its vast commitment to a customer orientated policy, with the clear aim of achieving excellence in customer service. The latest logistics infrastructure covers a total area of 60,000 m2. The new facility, in a joint effort with the know-how of the company, make it possible to respond to any type of logistics requirements from customers worldwide. A strategic location in Germany that allows the supply of Geberit products to its customers in the most efficient, economical and ecological way possible.