Household spending in home improvement grew by 5% last year

According to the Observatory 360º of Housing and Renovation for home improvement by Arthursen for Andimac

Andimac, acronym for the Spanish National Association of wholesalers of ceramics and building materials, has published the full details of the report commissioned by the Observatory 360º of Housing and Renovation for home improvement and issued by Arthursen. The report clearly indicates that the construction sector is on a recovering path, after the bursting the housing bubble, already 10 years ago.  The latest decade has witnessed he figure of new built housing drop drastically from 700,000 homes a year to about 60,000 only. However, the present scenario is promising and very optimistic as the sales of second hand housing has picked up quickly and consequently the boost in household spending for the budget for home improvement.

Only in this last year, the household spending for home improvement rose by 5.2%, reaching an average of 829 euros per household. And from 2013 onwards, it has increased by 18.2%, passing from a 701 euros budget to already 829 euros in the year 2016. The market report also explains where this increased budget is mainly spent on. According to the market study, the vast majority is reserved to the purchase of building materials and equipment such as doors, floorboards, sanitary ware, brassware and mixers, bathroom furniture and accessories, home appliances and kitchen cabinets. These are the renovations directed to bathroom and kitchens, favourite home improvements carried out by the Spaniards.