Original and daring ceramics designs

Customers are looking for more and more exclusive pieces that stand out through a striking decoration

The ceramic design world covers increasing doses of creativity, and each collection is converted into a growing challenge for designers. Nowadays, the final customers are more audacious and they are keen to highlight their homes through a striking decorative ceramic setting. Ceramic wall and floor tiles precisely offer a wide range of possibilities, among which you can find original and daring pieces to capture the essence of each room.

Among the latest proposals of the Spanish tile companies, we can find the canvas pattern concept, a stylish configuration of unique pieces that come together to create an exclusive space, and wall tiles with more handmade finishes and coatings. Furthermore, the optical metamorphosis application, a technique which explores the free disposition of the elements and ceramic pieces, multiplying their possibilities and adding rhythm to walls or floors. The latest ceramic tile compositions are inspired by Art Déco, Art Pop, Futurism or Cubism art directions.

The all-ceramic pattern is surely also a winner, it is based on a concept where the finish and the texture represent the basis of the decorative project. Each textured ceramic piece is an individual, surprising and beautiful discovery on its own. The conception achieves that ceramic collections are adopting the same patterns of the tissues, that were admired by trend seekers for centuries. Another option is to go for mix & match designs in a particular area of ​​the floor or wall or by the hexagon shapes to create a puzzle scheme. Hexagonal tiles are just perfect for giving a special touch to walls and floors, and honeycomb design will remain one of the star trends in ceramics for this current year 2017.