Mediclinics presents its All-in-One through Virtual Reality

A new app that allows you to present your All-in-One hand washing and drying units via virtual reality with its “Virtual All-in-One” APP

Mediclinics presents its All-in-One through Virtual Reality. This launch is part of the strategy and commitment that the company has been making, for many years now, for research, development and innovation.

This application, which must be used through virtual reality glasses, has as its fundamental aim to improve the shopping experience of all its customers. According to Mediclinics Marketing Director, German Muñoz, this new way of presenting the product allows the customer to discover and get to know in depth, in a totally immersive way, the main characteristics of their flagship All-in-One product.

Virtual Al-in-One allows you to demonstrate the product immersively, in three dimensions and providing a unique and practically real user experience. With this VR app it is possible to show the real product to all Mediclinics clients without having the product physically.

According to this, the results have not been long in coming, and for the moment, as has been acknowledged by Mediclinics itself, they have been excellent. On the one hand, they are getting a great welcome from their customers, living an immersive experience that is very close to reality, where they can see and feel their All-in-One solution as if they were in front of their own physical product. On the other hand, they have been very well received by their prescribing and sales network, as they have a unique and surprising material with which to showcase such an innovative and avant-garde product as All-in-One.

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