Hekla from Poalgi, a new material with colour shades inspired by volcanic ecosystems

The firm based in Valencia is currently in the process of implementing a newproduction line for this innovative material

Poalgi, a family run business from Valencia in Spain, highly committed to the design and manufacturing of bathroom furniture, shower trays, resin sinks and kitchen elements, resulting in its Poalgi Bath and Poalgi Kitchen product portfolio, have now turned 30 years. A long and vast success story that has led the Spanish brand to become a benchmark and reference in its market segment and to maintain that position, never stops with launching new collections and developing new materials, following its convictions and firm commitment to innovation, quality and design. A definite highlight of the latest product releases from Poalgi is Silea.

Poalgi is currently in the process of implementing new production lines, entirely dedicated to its new exclusive material Hekla, which features unique characteristics and qualities. It concerns a material of mineral origin, inspired by the hardness and bravery of volcanoes and its mass composition attributes the products made with Hekla, a sublime hardness and strength, making them highly resistant to impacts and scratches.

Its emblematic colour shades are inspired by volcanic ecosystems: snow, smoke and magmatic rocks are the elements that attribute colour to the newest models of the Valencia based Poalgi brand.