New generation of GROHE thermostatically controlled showers

Grohtherm 1000 Performance, smart shower comfort

GROHE, the German leading brand for premium quality bathroom equipment, never stops innovating, with the firm intention to offer to its users the latest in technology, comfort and design. The company now launches the new thermostatically controlled shower mixer Grohtherm 1000 Performance, for the ultimate enjoyment of your shower. 

The specially engineered and ergonomically shaped non-slip GROHE ProGrip handle, allows an easy and smooth temperature and flowrate control, including with soapy hands! The new Grohtherm 1000 Performance incorporates the GROHE TurboStat technology, a GROHE technology that offers the selected water temperature instantly, delivering the correct water temperature from the moment you turn it on and keeps it constant for the duration, with no unpleasant fluctuations. 

Moreover, it also features the GROHE CoolTouch technology, that avoids the thermostat body to exceed the water temperature, offering the highest safety standards to prevent scalding, meaning the surface of the thermostat is never too hot to touch. Additionally, the new thermostat also includes the SafeStop system, a brilliant technical solution with a security button set at 38º C to limit the temperature reach, and excellent for families with little children. 

The EcoButton for water saving eco functions, reduces water consumption by up to 50% without affecting your enjoyment. Because of the ultra speedy regulation of water temperature, there are again water and energy savings.