The Optimus Series, the new 2021 collection from Salgar

Less is more

The new Optimus series from Spanish bathroom furniture manufacturer Salgar is all about less is more. The gentle, clean and soft shapes make the ideal bathroom furniture to fit into any kind of bathroom design layout. The furniture cabinet combines aesthetics with care for detail and functionality. The series includes wall mounted vanity units with two drawer of 45 deep in different dimensions, 600, 800, 1000 and 1200 (2x600). The wooden drawer elements have nude interiors with leather texture, hidden slider rails and PUSH opening. Thanks to the upper space separator, each toiletry finds its perfect spot.
The new Optimus series completes its clean and pure design language with new mat lacquer colour finishes that moreover feature an integrated anti bacterial coating, in black and white options and also a natural wood finish, called NORDICK.
Another advantage is the new ceramic basin solution that offers a higher capacity, as well as the new bathroom light, exclusive for the series and with 360º LED lighting to fully integrate the light into the mirror. Moreover, the wall mount tall cabinet with door and reverse Push opening and glass shelves, offers additional storage capacity.