Comfort, hygiene and well being with Roca In-Wash®

(Re)-Evolution in the bathroom

Roca, with more than one hundred years of experience in the development of products for the bathroom, is leading a clear change in habits for personal hygiene in the XXI century. The In-Wash® from Roca is an innovating WC that takes the experience of personal hygiene to the next level. Showing an elegant design, with perfectly integrated elements,  featuring an innovating washing and drying system for intimate parts, that allow the maximum performance of cleansing, comfort and well being.
The In-Wash® from Roca features an integrated spray rod to reach the most sensible areas with two different cleansing functions: front and rear wash. The spray rod receives auto cleaning before and after each use, and also offers customizable options that allow the regulation of the water pressure and the temperature of the water spray. A total cleansing, that is completed with the drying function, that also features a temperature regulation.
Its use is extremely confortable, either by the remote control or the side panel that includes all the functions, and allows a touchless hygiene for users of all age groups. Moreover, the WC is equipped with a sensor that blocks the washing and drying functions when the seat cover is not occupied. The side LED courtesy light can be programmed in different ways, and for example activated at night time as a night light or ambience light.