The modern aesthetics of the TRES brassware look amazing in a house designed by the Pepe Gascón Arquitectura studio

The stylish silhouette of the firm’s newly designed pull out spout feature, contributes to a modern aesthetic that blends into space easily and enhances boldness

Spanish studio Pepe Gascón Arquitectura has executed the extensive renovation and interior design project of a flat in the famous Gracia neighborhood of Barcelona, ​​in which they have applied TRES brassware to equip the bathroom and kitchen areas.
The kitchen open design layout flows into the living room, with the elegance of the colour black as a main theme. Covered with exquisite black porcelain tiles with subtle white veins, the contrast with the oak wood flooring and the white walls and ceilings of the living room, create a stunning total look.
For the water points, the interior designer selected the TRES chrome plated mixer range with pull out spout, featuring a stylish silhouette, which contributes to generating a modern aesthetic and look. The mixer blends perfectly into the space and adds boldness. Moreover, it is extremely user friendly and comfortable due to its high spout, its 360° swivel angle and the pull out handle.
Additionally, Spanish manufacturer TRES also has developed the Cold-tres system, providing a low energy consumption, because the mixer opening always starts with a cold water opening, avoiding an unnecessary starting up of the heater. By opening the lever in its central position, only cold water is introduced into the mixer cartridge and it is the consumers´ decision whether they would like to switch to the use of hot water or not, by simply moving the lever to the left or forward depending on the kind of mixer type.