The Fusion hand dryer by Nofer has arrived, incorporating the most advanced technology on the market

Featuring a sophisticated and innovative design, it is the first dryer to be installed in hotel rooms

Spanish brand Nofer presents its revolutionary Fusion hand dryer. Minimalistic design, sophisticated looks, added to an innovative and exclusive design. Moreover, it is 100% customizable: it comes with an easily interchangeable front facia panel, which is available in several colour options such as pink, turquoise, black, gray, yellow and white.
This dryer integrates the most advanced technology at present on the market. As a result of the patented Acoustic Dampening System with the Multi-jet and Blade air vents, it is the first dryer that can be installed in hotel rooms. It will provide enormous savings to these establishments, not only on laundry expenses but also the consequential water savings to promote a positive impact for the environment.
Fusion stands for quick and hygienic hand drying in a time space of 6 to 12 seconds. Moreover, it features  an ECO or TURBO mode, with a minimal acoustic level and it includes a HEPA filter that helps to retain pollutant particles with high efficiency, additionally it also incorporates a ZeroSmell system that enhances air quality and reduces bad odours.