Successful participation in the return to face-to-face meetings of the Grup Gamma Conventions

Work meetings that are already well established in the dynamics of the entire group

After two years of interruption because of the pandemic, the Grup Gamma managers' conventions returned to the face-to-face meeting format. And the initiative could not have received a better response from the members. Not only in terms of number of attendees, but also in terms of engagement, motivation, and satisfaction. A return to the original format of meetings that were already well established in the work dynamics of the entire group.

In this edition, the associates have been accompanied by members of the higher management, purchasers and sales staff of the head office for a total of 11 meetings in meeting points distributed throughout the Spanish geography: Mallorca, Seville, León, Zaragoza, Alicante... an opportunity to discover the latest product news, group strategies, and information related to the central headquarter, in short, a complete update with insights on everything related to the day-to-day activities of the group.