Bathco & Hisbalit present their artisan materials and creations to the leading interior designer community

The firm located in the Spanish region of Cantabria recently organized the Workshop "Crafts and Trends" with the participation of renowned Spanish interior designers

The Cantabrian companies Bathco and Hisbalit collaborated to organize the workshop "Crafts and creativity". The event took place the past week featuring an exciting two days of work and experimentation, with the participation of renowned Spanish interior designers, with the intention to discover more about crafts and creative coatings.

Patricia Bustos, Virginia Nieto, Pepe Leal, Fabian Ñiguez and Nacho Alegría traveled to Cantabria to see the headquarters of both firms, learn more about the way they work and visit their spaces dedicated to crafts, and discover it is possible to create entirely “tailor-made” products.