Spanish firm Standard Hidráulica opens its new facilities in Pinto, Madrid

The company´s core targets include providing an exceptional sales support and excellence in service to their distributors and organizing training programmes in a new and fully enabled working space for installers

Standard Hidráulica is a reputed name and industry reference, incorporated in the multinational Comap Group, and in turn, is a part of the "Thermal & Sanitary Solutions" division of Aalberts Industries. The firm has recently inaugurated its new facilities in the Spanish location of Pinto (Madrid), situated at the heart of a privileged logistic and industrial hub. The company´s new facilities have a perimeter area of 2,000sqm + 2.000sqm, providing a total of 3,000 locations for europallet warehouse storage and an additional 1,200sqm for the picking area, besides the areas related to production, mounting and assembly, painting and lacquering, welding, product testing and quality control. Furthermore, the premises also include new offices, a large showroom area for product display and a training workshop; the showroom displays cover a wide range of product families of the business categories "Union, distribution and Control for water and sanitation", “Plumbing and Heating” and  “Quality level of water and brassware”, all of them positioned under the Clever brand label.

The invited guests that were assisting the official opening ceremony of the new headquarters included Standard Hidráulica major customer accounts and the CEO of the Comap Group, Mr. Vincent Grangier, who in his speech to the audience underlined the core values of the Group. Also present at the event were the Managing Director of Isiflo, Mr. Lars Olstad, the CEO of Standard Hidráulica, Mr Jaume Llacuna; as well as the Sales Director of STH, Mr. Francesc Vila. All of the Management Board presented the business strategy and product lines for the Utilities channel (Isiflo), plumbing and heating (STH Comap) and quality of water and brassware (Clever). 
The marked purposes for the company´s new facilities contain a list of several key targets, with top on the list the objective to generate a strong commercial support platform to achieve excellence in service to dealers and distributors. Furthermore, the firm will establish a calendar with training programs that will take place at the fully facilitated new space for installers. Thirdly, it will contribute to strengthen the specification work of the different brands of the COMAP group, supported by the in-house engineering and architects offices to generate further brand visibility and create stronger brand recognition.