Spanish firm Griferías Galindo announces a National Brassware Contest for young designers

The design proposal should be innovative, sustainable and applicable to a complete series of bathrooms taps focussed on hotel facilities

Griferías Galindo, an historical brand, was created by and for design. The Spanish company, belonging to the larger Presto Ibérica Group, has committed to the talent of the new generations of designers with the launch of its first Design Challenge 2017. It concerns a national contest for brassware design that aims at rewarding the most creative young designers in the country, and offers more than € 3,000 in prize money. The ultimate goal is to enhance the future designers´ skills, with a clear defined task to develop a complete brassware concept, that can be applied to all necessary elements for bathroom tapware, and should be focussed on a hotel room use, considering the particularities of this purpose. The exercise needs be to complete and includes all the design process phases, from the very beginning of the project start (brainstorming, drafts and design philosophy) to the final definition of the technical drawings, that will serve to start up a potential mass production of the designed object. The deadline for entries of applications and projects expires on February 28th, 2018.

The jury will be made up of high profile professionals related to the world of design, as well as to the bathroom industry, in order to assess the submitted projects profoundly. As an additional request to the contest, the design entries should be original and unpublished; so those works already published or exhibited in some previous contest will automatically get rejected. As for the material submit, the design proposal will be delivered through a compressed file at the platform https://retodiseno.com/. The complete list of rules for the contest can be found on this website as well. The final awards ceremony will take place at a corporate event in March 2018. For more information, please check the aforementioned website or write an e-mail to the following address: proyectos@griferiasgalindo.com