Spanish brand Ramon Soler® launches its new WC handled sprayers with double locking system

A bidet shower system to substitute the traditional bidet, ideal for smaller bathrooms

Ramon Soler ® launches in exclusive the new WC handheld showers with a patented double locking system. By opening the water flow by means of the single lever mixer, we should then press the handheld shower button to activate the water spray, and water flow shuts again when we stop pressing the button. This operative causes very often that we forgot to close the mixing valve. Thus, by using the standard handheld WC showers there exists a great risk on flooding or water escape, because the water pressure stresses the flexi hose and the handset for hours and even days. Moreover, by leaving the mixing valve in the open position, the hot and cold water inlet will connect and the water temperature will cool down constantly because the contact and presence of cold water flow.

The huge risk of flooding and the communication between the hot and cold water inlets can be solved by the new Ramon Soler ® worldwide patent. A new technology that is activated, by only positioning the handheld shower in its support bracket. When this happens, the double security valve will complete shuts off the water supply. By means of a magnetic system, assisted by the water pressure, a mechanism is activated and causes a hermetic closure of the water supply. The static pressure in the flexi hose automatically disappears, as well as the potential risk on flooding and water escapes. Equipped with WC Magnet, providing double security against the risk of flooding and the dual mixing valve the Spanish firm offers maximum guarantees to its customers. Ramon Soler ® presents the WC shower set with two water outlet options and the handset for the single lever mixer, available for the Drako and Atica collections. A new patented technology, ideal for smaller bathrooms, with the intention to substitute the traditional ceramic bidet, by installing the WC shower set on the wall, close to the WC pan, at the left or right side of it.