Schlüter-Systems showcases new product launches during the II Open Door Week

Between January 28th and February 1st, the company presents all its new product launches, to make ceramic and stone tile installations more secure and attractive at the OrangeBox showroom premises

The new year starts with new solutions from Schlüter-Systems for ceramic and stone tile installations. The company invites everyone interested in the new products to learn more first hand, during the II Open Door Week celebrated by the firm, and held from January 28th until February 1st at its OrangeBox premises, located in the Spanish town of Onda, in the province of Castellón. Amongst a wide array of installation solutions, all visitors to the Open Door Days will be able to discover the new Schluter-SHELF, a practical shelf unit that can be inserted in all kind of settings that will be installed with ceramic tile or where ceramic tile is already present. The new product is available in three geometrical formats and in the design variations FLORAL and CURVE, or in a brushed stainless steel finish, either in the TRENDLINE high quality powder coated aluminium variation. The shelf units can be integrated into the tile assembly during tile installation or retrofitted into the joints of tiles walls, using the 2mm attachment wings. Schlüter-Shelves are suitable as shelves in shower areas, but can also be integrated into other tiled areas, such as kitchens for example.

The firm also showcases new products within the illuminated profile product portfolio. The new Schlüter LIPROTEC-LLE stands for an intelligent concept that combines lighting and profiles within the tile and stone covering. It is the company´s first profile in their product range that can be installed easily on each surface support, by means of a simple clipping system, but at the same time allows the traditional installation method by using ceramic adhesives for ceramic tile and stone installations. By installing the Schlüter LIPROTEC-ES LED strips inside the Schlüter profile technology, with a choice of indirect or direct light, will allow you to emphasise the illumination of wall corners or stairways, as the systems allows installation in both interior and exterior corners, and both in horizontal and vertical positions.

Last but not least, the Schlüter-TROBA-LEVEL stackable and height-adjustable paver supports enable the quick installation of self-supporting pavers on balconies and terraces with lasting precision. The optimised range of components can be variably combined to reliably level virtually any slope and construction site situation, starting from assembly heights of only 3mm.