Save water and energy at home with GROHE products

New solutions to use resources consciously


GROHE offers new solutions to use resources consciously, as well as products to enable to save money, energy, and water, both in the bathroom and kitchen areas. The brand´s water-saving technologies for basins and showers can save up to 50% of consumption and without compromising on shower comfort. GROHE EcoJoy is the absolute reference of technology! By means of a flow restrictor, the mixer flowrate can be reduced from 10 liters per minute to just over 5 liters and the user experience remains the same.

The SilkMove ES cold start technology is ideal for saving energy as the starting point of the lever in the middle position only allows the entry of cold water. Likewise, GROHE thermostats help to save water and energy on different levels, such as the GROHE EcoButton, which reduces the water flow up to 50% without compromising the quality of showering, or the TurboStat technology, that maintains the temperature always constant and without fluctuations.

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