Hidronatur presents its new luminescent shower trays

Several of the new product launches of the Spanish firm are reaping great success

Hidronatur has launched several new collections, among them the striking luminescent shower tray collection, which has been showcased at the Idéobain exhibition in Paris. In the manufacturing process of this innovative product line, a new formula has been applied to allow a luminescent result on the final product, providing a great added value. It works very simple: the shower tray absorbs light and irradiates it for several hours into the dark, offering a warm ambience light. This new formula can only be applied on trays that are produced in gel coat.

Moreover, the Spanish firm is especially grateful for the great reception that the Busot bathtub has received among its customers, to turn it into one of the best-selling novelties this year, next to the Milan shower tray, the Polaris washbasin and the Carlet shower.