Royo Group opens its second manufacturing facility in Poland

The company targets to triple its growth by 2020

Royo Group, the Spanish leading company in the field of bathroom furniture manufacturing, aims to become the European leader in its sector, after the opening of a brand new factory of 8,500 square meters, built in Poland, on a plot of 50,000 meters. The total investment made by Royo Group into this new factory, which has been initiated with the name of Maximus, sums up to 8 million euros (total cost of land, construction of buildings and purchase of machinery for the production lines). The new production facility has initially generated about 70 new jobs. Maximus joins the previous manufacturing unit from Royo Group that was already based in Poland. This new facility "will represent an increase of the total production capacity by 40%, which will allow an additional annual production of extra 120,000 units," explains Raúl Royo, the CEO of Royo Group. The new factory will target exclusively on the markets of Poland, Germany, Scandinavia, Austria, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The forecasts for the period 2017-2020 are really promising for Royo Group: "our post-crisis positioning in Spain is excellent and it is very different when compared to the rest of our competitors in the field. Moreover the opening of our second factory in Poland places us in pole position to become the leading European Group for bathroom furniture manufacturing, with a growth figure that has tripled since 2008, both in terms of production numbers and revenues. Our forecasts indicate that we will increase production output from manufacturing 400,000 units in 2008 to 1,200,000 units very soon. This would implicate a turnover of 120 million euros by 2020, very far away from the turnover of 35 million euros we reached in the year 2010, the lowest point in the tough crisis situation the market has lived".