Roca One Day Design Challenge, the Roca Express Design Contest, already proclaimed its winners

This year the design brief consisted in the development of a product to complete the space left by bidets in bathroom design, due to the proliferation of smart-toilets  

Among the 500 participants of the 6th edition of the Express Design Contest One Day Design Challenge by Spanish giant Roca, that was held simultaneously at the Roca Galleries in the Spanish cities of Barcelona and Madrid, Steam Box, a concept presented by Robert Navarro Torres and Enrique Moral Santoyo, obtained the first prize. With this contest, the Spanish firm provides young creative minds the opportunity to enter a platform where they can develop their design creativity but moreover at the same time, they can live the experience of relating to the professional world by creating original products, that will turn out extremely useful for their future professional product design portfolios. This year, the design idea that needed to be developed in a race against time, has accentuated the need to design a product to complete the empty space left by bidets in light of the increasing use of smart-toilets in modern bathroom designs. 

The winning project, named Steam Box, is based on the concept of reusing the steam generated when using the shower or bathtub and transform it into a new application that allows the use of an iron and/or heat garments, only by means of reutilizing the emitted radiations. Furthermore, this condensed steam is stored in the base of the equipment with the possibility of being reused at any time. In addition, a built-in interactive screen has been adapted to the information and connectivity needs of today's highly connected society. The second prize has been awarded to the project Rocky, for offering a solution to another important member of the family, namely the pet. The third prize was for the Vapore project, a shower column that saves up to 70% of water, and finally the fourth ranked, awarded by the Foundation We Are Water, was for the Sinara product proposal, which reuses the water from bathing by means of plants filtering the gray water, thus consequently, not only saving water but also residual waste.