Roca launches the new touches EM1 tank fitting

An electronic universal dual touchless flushing solution

Roca recently launched the EM1 electronic double flush valve tank fitting with touchless technology. A new technology that allows a toilet flush without the need of pushing the flush button to activate the water discharge. This is possible due to its integrated infrared sensor. This new product is already available at the Roca online shop and is compatible with most of the cistern tanks. EM1 has been designed to offer a quick and easy installation and replacement for private, semi-public and public spaces applications. 

Thanks to the integrated touchless technology, the infrared sensor detects presence and activates the toilet flush, thus avoiding any kind of direct contact and the potential spread and transmission of virus and bacteria, this way contributing to a higher level of hygiene and health protection for each bathroom environment. The electronic universal flush mechanism is powered by four 1,5 V AA alkaline batteries with a 40.000 flushes guaranteed battery life and does not need to be connected to the network. The integrated sensor recognizes and activates the desired flushing – full or partial flushing (adjustable range is 2 to 6 liters) depending on a moving or still hand activation.