Kyrya Group presents the new Elements catalogue

A perfect integration of the new Durian tops with basin and the Kyrya cabinets

Kyrya, the major manufacturer of customized bathroom furniture and equipment in Spain, with 100% personalized designs, presents the new Elements catalogue. The new product portfolio includes even more options than before, due to the perfect integration of the new Durian tops with basin and the Kyrya bathroom furniture, that have been especially re-designed for this purpose.

The new basin tops KUBE, BESTAR, THINK and BEFIRST and the customized cabinets are manufactured following the highest quality standards of the industry and are offered in depths from 45 to 50cm and widths ranging from 50 to 140cm, in different design patterns. No need to say that Kyrya allows the customer to choose the position of the basin bowl, or opt for a double bowl version or XL design, and the vanity cabinets can be customized with the stunning finishes Select Mate, Fantasia Forest, Fenix or Arlux. Moreover, the customer can decide the number of drawers and has different opening guide systems to choose from.

Four different models, four unique designs. The KUBE basin top is characterized by the unique feature of the front skirting, whilst BESTAR stands out because it seems to float above the furniture cabinet. If you prefer smooth and clean lines, the THINK basin top will be your favourite option and last but not least, the BEFIRST model which offers a surprising optics, because of its beveled surrounding edge.

The Elements catalogue is available for download at the professional area from our website www.kyrya.es