Nuovvo acquires Globo Andalucía S.L.

The Spanish shower tray manufacturer outstandlingly culminates its national expansion strategy

The Spanish premium shower tray manufacturer Nuovvo has recently formalised the absorption of its distributor for the Southern region of Spain, Globo Andalucia SL. The financial operation has been carried out within the framework of its strategic move to consolidate the brand´s presence in the Spanish large Andalusian community. With this move, the Spanish Nuovvo brand, with headquarters in Alicante, culminates its national expansion strategy in an outstanding way.

Moreover, the acquisition also reinforces the brand´s commitment to consolidating and continuously improving its highly customer orientated commercial policy. As an immediate effect, it will shorten delivery terms in the region to an amazing speedy delivery of 24-48 hours. By means of this acquisition, Nuovvo once again shows, that during its 5 years of history, it has developed a remarkable and successful business road map, and an excellent product design, that features an outstanding quality level. The result of all these efforts have contributed to the success of Nuovvo, which is already considered as one of the Spanish companies with major projection potential within the sector, both at national and international level. The firm also has made an official statement regarding their vast commitment to proceed with their current strategy for exporting goods. A business plan that in 2017 has lead them to enter into 17 international markets, showing excellent results, creating a solid international customer portfolio.

Globo Andalucia SL was founded back in the year 1993, by Mr Francisco Navarro with the aim to become the major distributor of constructions materials and sanitary ware equipment in the region. The company´s 25 years of existence show lots of merit and it had become one of the most prestigious and recognized distributors in Spain. The Managing Director of Globo Andalucia states it has been an authentic pleasure starting new developments with Nuovvo and is very proud and satisfied that his work will set the base for a bright future.