The return of the Spanish Buades brand

Spanish supermodel Judit Mascó is the new image for the brand's "Mediterranean Joy" campaign

Under the striking slogan of Mediterranean Joy, the legendary Majorcan based Buades brand, an all-time signature label that stands for quality brassware, comes back in business and with a solid strategy and endeavour to re-enter the market and recover its former position. After more than a century of successful company history, the Hba Group, headed by businessman Jaime Güell, has redeemed the Buades brand for their official relaunch onto the bathroom market scene. In this new reinterpretation of the brand philosophy, and as part of the new company strategy, Hba Group has established an agreement with model Judit Mascó to become the new image and brand ambassador of Buades.

As per the company´s lemma, the vast renewed product proposal of brassware collections anchor in the Mediterranean Sea, with new amazing and inspiring designs to become real “Mediterranean Jewels”. The new Buades catalogue does not only boost aesthetical highlights but also great attention has been paid to the incorporation of the latest in technical progress, such as the Sweet Move® cartridge technology, at the heart of each piece of brassware. The company´s values remain unchanged and return more reinforced by the new collections and their interpretation; the perfect fusion of luxury design and environmental responsibility, the use of high quality and durable materials that guarantee the highest safety standards for the user and a very simple and installer friendly maintenance and installation procedure.

The Buades product proposals include a complete range of water and energy saving components, as well as anti-limestone and anti-scalding functions. All this technology is combined with a highly functional and user-friendly product, such as in the detachable elements and flexi hoses, or thermostatic valve options and self-closing tap systems. The complete catalogue is divided into 3 main series that include bathroom and kitchen taps, shower solutions and columns, as well as matching accessories. The series Mediterranean, Edition and Home represent the new product strategy and market proposal of Buades and can be explored on the firm´s new website www.buadesgriferia.com