Mediclinics launches a new diaper changing station with Ionizer

The first manufacturer in the world to integrate an ionizer device into a baby changing station as disinfectant method

Mediclinics, one of the key manufacturers of hand dryers and bathroom accessories for public areas, recently launched its new diaper changing station onto the market. The new product incorporates an innovative system that eliminates germs that could be the cause of infections for babies: an ionizer. The recent product release of the Spanish firm involves a leap in quality in the sector and Mediclinics become the only manufacturer world wide to offer a double protection in a diaper changing stations, consisting of: Biocote® antibacterial additive + ION HYGYENIC® Technology.

 ION HYGIENIC® is a technology based on the generation of negative ions, which does what no other baby changing table on the market does: it eliminates microorganisms, such as viruses and bacteria. Moreover, with the application of the Biocote © antimicrobial additive, it makes it one of the most hygienic and safe solutions on the market today. The Mediclinics Babymedi with ionizer has been registered for the 2021 Auna Awards in three different categories: Best product of the year, product with the best design and most innovative product.