New HansaActiveJet Digital hand shower from Hansa

When saving water and energy becomes an experience

Hansa's new smart hand shower, HANSAACTIVEJET Digital, has won prestigious design awards for its elegant and timeless design, and has been created by the renowned design studio, NOA.
It is not only stylish, but it is a product that facilitates sustainable water consumption and helps users to optimize their showering behaviour in a simple and effective way. It is based on numerical real-time feedback, similar to sports watches and pedometers. The special feature is an integrated display on the back of the hand shower that shows the current water and energy consumption during and after showering.

Additionally, the icons in the form of small leaves will help to regulate a person’s individual showering behaviour: the number of leaves ranges from five to zero, depending on the water and energy consumption. A coloured LED display on the front of the shower head provides additional visualisation and encourages the user to save water and energy. Depending on the water consumption and temperature, the color changes during the shower from green to orange to red.
The smart technology for energy saving inside the hand shower has been developed by the Swiss technology company Amphiro.