Genebre Group launches the campaign "We take of your hands, we take care of you" to combat Coronavirus

The Spanish brand increases its product portfolio for public bathrooms with new “non-contact” products to protect public spaces from new infections and Covid-19 outbreaks

Genebre Group has increased its product portfolio for public bathroom spaces with a new range of “non-contact” products, specifically designed and engineered to avoid infections and new outbreaks of Covid-19 in public spaces and equipment, including: electronic taps, electronic urinal flush devices, spouts and footswitches and special systems for showering via prepayment. 

The Spanish company guarantees security in each installation, public space or equipment by using “non-contact” taps, equipped with self-closing and electronic systems. The firms´ electronic basin tap for deck mounted applications, features an infrared operated motion sensor that is programmed to shut off the water after 60 seconds and is manufactured with CW617N brass with chrome plated coating, complying to the EN248 quality standard. Moreover, it features mixers that are activated by footswitch and plastic anti limestone water saving aerators. Furthermore, the taps also have incorporated anti return valves, filters and flexi hose connectors according to the EN 13618 quality norm and all elements for installation of the same.