Touchless Bathroom Solutions by Roca

No contact, maximun hygiene

Facing the new normality, hygiene has become, more than ever, a priority objective and Spanish giant Roca offers a wide spectrum of Touchless Bathroom Solutions, featuring technology that avoids direct contact between our skin and the bathroom equipment products, thus avoiding the spreading of virus and guaranteeing the maximum security for the user. With the aim to assist the professionals within the sector, during the transition period to the new hygiene standards, Roca has created a specific section on its website with its portfolio and catalogues of all touchless bathroom solutions, both for public spaces and private home environments. 

These solutions include all type of electronic products for the bathroom like motion sensor taps, that operate either on battery pack or directly connected to the network, electronic flushing plates for wall hung toilets and electronic flushing mechanisms for cisterns, including as well flushing plates for urinals and mirrors with the final goal to make the bathroom space 100% save against virus spreading and infections.