Geberit organizes two training courses in Madrid to improve the traditional concept of bathroom design

The brand, focussing on professionals of the installation, renovation and home improvement sector, provides free training session in its Technical Centre, located in the Spanish capital

Geberit has organized two free training courses in Madrid recently during this month of June. The firm created this initiative with the idea to generate a new mind-set for bathroom installations and improve the traditional concept of bathroom layouts, both for new planned projects and renovation work. The idea behind the courses is to train and explain the bathroom sector professionals to make them familiar with the introduction of the latest techniques, products and systems, that are now available and on the market. This includes each stage, for project planning, design and installation and to make them feel more comfortable to apply them in their works and future projects.

The courses are directed to all bathroom professionals like companies for comprehensive reforms of bathrooms, but also project planning and installation workers. The first course was titled “The technique of bathrooms” and was celebrated on June 6th, whilst the second course that was held on June 12th focussed on “The design of Bathrooms”.