Cosmic takes another step forward with the new bathroom accessories collection Architect S+

The latest product release of the Spanish Company is a secure, superior, sustainable and determined product proposal

Architect S+ is a wide-ranging collection composed of more than 30 different bathroom accessories, designed to offer the maximum in functionality to the user. The new product proposal stands out because of the incorporation of a newly engineered support bracket system, that is applied in most of the items from the collection and ensures a secure fixing and stability of the bathroom accessories. Architect S+ is secure, superior, sustainable and determined, four flagship values of Spanish brand Cosmic.

The new series introduces accessories for a highly comfortable and easy daily use with innovative integrated practical features. For example, the wall mounted soap dispenser, with a high capacity deposit of 400ml, includes a soap level indicator and easy refill system. The ergonomic push button and innovative no drip design increase even more the benefits of this item. Furthermore, the shower soap tray can incorporate in its base a handy glass cleaning wiper for the shower screen, and the paper holder with cover innovates with a specially designed cover platform that can hold a mobile phone and there are many more other features to discover. The collection is available in three high quality finishes; electrolytic extra matt black, trivalent chrome plating and PVD stainless steel.