Fiora defies convention with the launch of the innovative Rok bathroom furniture

Versatility, customization and minimalist aesthetics

Fiora, the well-known company of high-design bathroom products, takes another step forward in its constant search for innovation and aesthetic revolution with the launch of its new semi-modular Rok collection. This new piece redefines the concept of bathroom furniture, offering an avant-garde design that combines straight lines and a differential architectural style.

Rok is not simply a piece of bathroom furniture, but a style statement. Its presence fits into the space, marking its territory with a minimalist identity that flows through its simple, modern and elegant vertices. This piece presents itself as a solid block, but surprises with its versatility in shapes and finishes.

One of the most remarkable features of Rok is the absence of handles. Instead, it comes with a customizable handle, which gives it an air of sophistication and elegance. This design choice reinforces the visual continuity of the cabinet, while allowing customers to give it a personal touch.

Rok can be raised with or without legs, offering an additional level of adaptability to the space and the user's needs. This flexibility is complemented by the range of new exclusive colors and textures, making this piece a key element in any interior design project.

The Rok design is a creation of Fiora Design Studio, which has led to give a special uniqueness. Its original mirror with pedestal, the slight asymmetry in the drawers and the mitered edges enhance the uniqueness of Rok, making it a unique piece in the market.